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Flammkuchen Profi GmbH

Im Schlangengarten 4
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Flammkuchen Profi GmbH

Im Schlangengarten 4
76877 Offenbach / Queich


Rental service




Perfect for birthdays, wine festivals, anniversaries, weddings, opening ceremonies, company parties and much more.


of your choice

You want to celebrate a party? Then you’ve come to the right place! For example, you can rent a fast baking oven/stone oven, serving boards and rolling knives for a rental fee of 15 € for up to one week, and you can order Flammkuchen of your choice. Get the party started!

(This offer is valid for a minimum order of 40€)

To ensure that an oven is still available for your event, please reserve 2 weeks in advance.

Flammkuchen variations Ingredients / Nutritonal Data 

Flammkuchen Original Elsässer Art gebacken
Flammkuchen nach Griechischer Art mi Peperoni und Hirtenkäse gebacken
Fammkuchen nach Nordischer Art gebacken mit Lachs, Dill und Schrimps

Alsatian Style

Greek Style

Nordic Style

Süßer Flammkuchen gebacken mit Apfel, Zimt und Rosinen
Flammkuchenboden mit Creme gebacken

Greek Style

Greek Style

Teigplatte eines Flammkuchns ungebacken

Flammkuchen bases

Veganer Flammkuchen gebacken mit 7 Gemüse

7 Vegetables, vegan

7 Vegetables, vegan

Buy ovens & equipment:

You can purchase new or used ovens, trays and other equipment directly from us.

Find our entire product range here.

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Further services

(signs, advertising support etc.)


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Fax: +49 (0) 6348 95 963-22

E-mail: vertrieb@flammkuchen-profi.de

Please contact us via e-mail or call us.

Public Holidays

Flammkuchen Profi is located in Rhineland-Palatinate. Our factory outlet on remains closed on nationwide as well as regional public holidays. We are also unable to send deliveries on public holidays. Here you will find a list of the current public holidays, so that you can plan your deliveries more easily. Please pay special attention to the holidays marked as regional.