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Our   Products

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head office

Offenbach (Queich)

Flammkuchen specialties

Company premises 11,000 m²

approx. 50 employees



also organic

and vegan products

In 1982 we were the first manufacturer to bring tarte flambée from Alsace to Germany - today we mainly produce for wholesalers in Europe - and also sell our products in Asia. For us, taste and quality come first! That is why we are IFS-certified, bear the German and European organic seal and also produce in vegan quality. In 2020 our vegan tarte flambée won the Superior Taste Award with 3/3 stars!

Awards and Certificates

IFS Global Markets Food Flammkuchen
Flammkuchen Profi gewinnt Superior Taste Award
Auszeichnung Bio-Siegel für Flammkuchen Profi
Der Vegane Flammkuchen besitzt das EU Bio-Siegel
Der Vegane Flammkuchen ist mit dem V-Label ausgezeichnet

Tarte flambée - a success story

Flammkuchen Profi is a family business, founded and managed by Andreas Hutter. As an apprentice baker, Andreas Hutter dreamed of bringing tarte flambée from Alsace to Germany. After passing the exam as state champion, he opened Germany's first tarte flambée restaurant with its own production facility. This is where a whole success story begins, because tarte flambée is not just convenience, but a whole lifestyle with international potential.

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The look goes into the future

In order to achieve the best possible result, we know that we must always look ahead. This is reflected in our modern production technology and in our product innovations. With our product highlights in the organic and vegan areas, we are constantly breaking new ground and staying true to our old principles: quality and taste.

State-of-the-art production technology

A major challenge over the past 40 years has been to automate the production of our thin dough bases while ensuring high quality .

In contrast to the frozen products from other manufacturers of bulk consumer (GM) products, we pre-bake our tarte flambée in a stone oven. This reduces the baking time and the choice of oven is also easier, since a stone oven is no longer absolutely necessary.


Our   Products

Since 2019 we have been producing a vegan alternative with soy cream and 7 types of vegetables together with Der Vegane Flammkuchen. The vegan tarte flambée was developed by Lea Angelique Hutter and Pascal Knodel. Her vision: The future eats vegan. That's why vegan products should not only taste good to vegans, but to everyone. In close cooperation we were able to create a product that convinces in the usual professional quality.

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