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Der Vegane Flammkuchen 


Der erste Vegane Flammkuchen aus dem Tiefkühlregal mit 7 Gemüsesorten
Logo der Vegane Flammkuchen

One of the first vegan convenience products that’s also organic!

We do not use any preservatives or other artificial additives!

Natural Ingredients Only

Der erste Vegane Flammkuchen Boden zum selbst belegen

With soy cream

With 7 vegetables

A well-rounded taste not only vegans enjoy!

BIO Qualität Siegel für den Veganen Flammkuchen
Siegel Veganes Produkt Veganer Flammkuchen
Bio-Siegel Veganer Flammkuchen

developed for the organic specialized trade and wholesale


Evaluation of the first product tests

That’s how the first 150 testers evaluated the vegan Flammkuchen with 7 vegetables














Diet of our participants

Evaluation system in German school grades 1- 6, 1=excellent 6=bad

VeggieWorld Fair 2020

VeggieWorld is the largest international fair for vegan (lifestyle) products. It takes place several times a year at different locations in Germany, Austria, Spain, Denmark, France, China, Switzerland and the Netherlands. 

On the VeggieWorld, visitors can have a go with vegan foods, hair and body care products and cosmetics. In addition, exhibitors present vegan fashion and household products. 

However, VeggieWorld is not only aimed at vegetarians and vegans, but at all those who are looking for new inspirations on a more sustainable and conscious life.

This year, Der Vegane Flammkuchen was represented for the first time at the VeggieWorld as an exhibitor’s product – and we’ve had a real blast! We are incredibly happy that our visitors absolutely loved our product. We are looking forward to upcoming fairs for vegan products.

The vegan market


Already in 2016, 1.3 million people in Germany have preferred vegan food, and the number of vegans and vegetarians was estimated at one billion worldwide.

From 2017 to 2018, 960 million Euros were generated with vegan and vegetarian food, which corresponds to a 30% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

Germany dominates the vegan market, as more new products are introduced here than in any other European country. In early 2015, the marketing company

YouGov additionally found that a total of 41% of the Germans are open to animal-free meat.


Original Französischer Flammkuchen nach Elsässer Art mit Speck und Zwiebeln
Flammkuchen nach Griechischer Art mit milden Peperoni und Hirtenkäse

Alsatian Style

Greek Style

Flammkuchen Rund nach Nordischer Art mit Lachs, Schimps und Dill

Nordic Style

Flammkuchen Süß mit Apfel, Zimt und Sultaninen Rosinen


Our Flammkuchen stand out! Whether it’s the original Alsatian Style with bacon and onions, vegetarian, maritime, sweet or even vegan. We have the best ingredients and the crunchiest bases. 


Our standard Flammkuchen have a diameter of 25 cm.

Not quite your taste? We can provide you with an individual Flammkuchen. Contact us!

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