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Our quality


Quality is easy: Remember the origins, combine it with the modern and make sure you only take the best of everything.

Qualität oben

Long tradition

Live la France!

Nostalgisches Bild aus dem französischen Elsass




Flammkuchen was first mentioned in the Strasbourg library in 1894. At the end of the 19th century, farmers used to bake bread every week. To make sure that the wood stove was hot enough, they put small pieces of the bread's dough into the oven to check the temperature. So basically, they used the dough as a thermometer for the wood-fired oven. That same flat bread soon became the farmers’ main dish. They put cream and bacon on the thin bread and drank a large glass of Schnapps.

The difference between the Original Alsatian Flammkuchen and Pizza is the very thin dough base, as well as the completely different toppings. 

Until the 1980s, Flammkuchen was only available in the Alsace. In Germany, the Flammkuchen was first offered in the Palatinate. 

In 1982, we introduced our first Flammkuchen in Germany!

Even back then, Flammkuchen was considered a delicacy. At the end of the 90s, other producers  started to distribute this specialty on the market.

Flammkuchen became known mainly through marketing measures of Wagner and Dr. Oetker. These pizza dynasties, established Flammkuchen in the frozen food sector. That’s why Flammkuchen found in retail often has a rather thick dough base.



Our philosophy

A Flammkuchen should have a thin dough base just like the original. Our

customers appreciate that we have been focusing on the Alsatian original for

40 years now. This makes the clear difference in taste to other manufacturers. 


Flammkuchenboden gebacken von unten
Mädchen mit Kochschürze und Flammkuchenbodn

Lea Hutter, year 1998

Our quality is awarded

IFS Global Markets Food Flammkuchen
Auszeichnung Bio-Siegel für veganen Flammkuchen
Auszeichnung Vegan-Siegel für veganen  Flammkuchen
Auszeichnung Bio-Siegel für veganen  Flammkuchen

Our quality promise


Our quality convinces at the Superior Taste Award 2020

Der Vegane Flammkuchen achieves 3 of 3 stars in the independent certification of the International Taste Institute

Our Flammkuchen has convinced an independent jury of renowned chefs: Since 2005, the International Taste Institute has been tasting food and beverages worldwide. Within the frame of their strict method, food experts blindly taste the products and evaluate them exclusively based on the five criteria of the International Hedonic Sensory Analysis: First impression, appearance, smell, taste and texture. For an objective evaluation, the independent taste experts receive no information on the brand or manufacturer. Each jury member evaluates the respective product independently without consulting other testers.   

The jury consists of members of the 15 most renowned European associations of 175 chefs and sommeliers, including the German Chef Association and Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. That’s why the Superior Taste Award is the globally most recognized certification in the food industry.  

Only products that receive at least 70 percent of the evaluation points are awarded. 

To receive one gold star, products must be evaluated with 70 - 80 percent of the points and thus obtain the title "very good taste". For a "remarkable taste" and two gold stars, 80 - 90 percent of the points are required.


Our vegan Flammkuchen achieved a rating of more than 90 percent and was awarded 3 out of 3 stars, and given with the title "Excellent Taste".  

The award confirms our philosophy at Flammkuchen Profi – especially as this was the first time we have ever participated in an award ceremony in direct comparison with strong international brands.

Good taste as well as excellent product and processing quality go hand in hand. Thanks to our modern production management, we can ideally process our high-quality and natural ingredients to produce our fresh and deep-frozen dough sheets – and our Flammkuchen. Carefully selected and certified suppliers form an important basis for this.

Highly qualified employees, an extensive in-house quality management system and regular inspections by independent food institutes guarantee highest quality and safety along the entire process chain – starting with incoming goods inspection, customer advice and production, all the way to fresh food logistics and on-time delivery to our customers.

Taste Institute
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