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The Tarte Flambee Board Game is the tastiest board game where you and your children or friends can combine your joy of cooking and the fun of playing. Funny moments, exciting challenges and crispy tarte flambée await you.

Who can top their tarte flambée with the best ingredients and become a tarte flambée pro?

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The delicious adventure evening for the whole family!

  • Fun for young and old - the tarte flambée board game can be played again and again and is super exciting every time.

  • No more boredom at home - and your creative, cognitive, motor and creative skills will be put to the test.

  • Work on your teamwork and reach your goals together by mastering the alternative game variants with new challenges - whether in team vs. team mode or together against the board.

  • Cooking and eating together with children aged 6 and over is child's play.


Feuer und Flammi das Flammkuchenbrett-Spiel für die ganze Familie
Flammi Maskottchen Feuer und Flammi Das Flammkuchenbrett-Spiel

Get to know Flammi

Flammi is the little helper Flame of tarte flambée pro Andi, in whose tarte flambée bakery the players work as apprentices and now have to pass their last big test. Flammi explains the rules of the game to you in a sweet and entertaining way and brings you a crackling open fire so that you can start the game with fire and flames.

How to play "Feuer & Flammi - The Tarte Flambee Board Game."

Feuer und Flammi Das Flammkuchenbrett-Spiel Spielplan

All players start out as baker's apprentices and must pass their final exam to become a tarte flambée baker - one of them can even become the new tarte flambée pro.

For this, the apprentices have to face some challenges

master to be allowed to put delicious ingredients on their tarte flambée. The apprentice who conjures up the best tarte flambée at the end wins and becomes a tarte flambée pro. Along with the game there are real tarte flambée dough sheets that can be topped and eaten at the end of the game using the winner or loser tarte flambée. The game is not only fun, but also brings the joy of cooking and baking closer to little tarte flambée bakers.



Perfect for the whole family! Already got a taste for it?


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Spieleentwickler Feuer und Flammi Das Flammkuchenbrett-Spiel

This is us

The most important thing about the Flammkuchen board game? Fun to play, love of tarte flambée and flammos friends! For this, Flammi and Andi brought three creative minds to the Flammkuchen bakery: Angelique, Pascal and Marie. They threw themselves into the great adventure of developing a game for the whole family with a great deal of passion. Because everything is much more fun together - whether cooking, baking, eating, playing or developing games.


Flammi explains the Flammkuchen board game

Crackling log fire

Would you rather start the game right away than read the long instructions? Then our explanatory video is just the right thing!

Flammi explains the rules in a child-friendly and entertaining way, so that the tarte flambée adventure evening can start right away.

Recommended playback speed for the video

  • for children up to 10 years: standard

  • for children from 10 years: 1.25x - 1.5x

A crackling open fire always creates a great ambience - especially when you enjoy a game night with the whole family. With Flammi's fireplace you can really put yourself in Andi's tarte flambée bakery!


Included in the game are:

1 x food-safe tarte flambée board

6 x empty play tarte flambée & small bars

6 x game figures

6 x erasable markers

1x cube

1 x Large Board & Target

1 * Instruction

playing time:

approx . 20 - 60 minutes


from age 6

Feuer und Flammi is a joint project by                         &


You can order a vegan edition of Feuer & Flammi here . 

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